On behalf of the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome Collaborative (CNOC), members of the CNOC’s steering committee, and The Hospital for Sick Children’s administration and staff, we would like to welcome you to Toronto and the 8th Annual Scientific Sessions of CNOC. We have created a robust and diverse program of multinational, multidisciplinary faculty experts who care for children with congenital heart disease and their families with focuses on aspects of neurodevelopmental and psychosocial outcomes.

Conference Sessions highlights include:

  •    An international perspective on neurodevelopmental care management and research efforts,
  •    Care strategies and implications for the child and family across the lifespan,
  •    Tactics to promote best neurodevelopmental outcomes during times of critical illness,
  •    Neurological sequalae of CHD: clinical finding and diagnostic studies,
  •    Genetics and genomics issues in cardiac neurodevelopment,
  •    Approaches to implementing technology and collaboration in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental differences in the CHD population
  •    Importance and value of an inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach to neurodevelopmental and psychosocial care.

We thank you for supporting CNOC's 8th Annual Scientific Sessions.

Welcome to Toronto!



Gil Wernovsky MD FAAP FACC
Program Co-Chair

Cheryl Brosig-Soto PhD
Program Co-Chair


Mike Seed MD
Local Co-Host

Renee Sananes PhD Psych
Local Co-Host




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